Modelling and non-linear analysis of beam-elements in reinforced concrete Vierendeel sandwich plates considering nodal stiffness domain effects



The results of finite element analysis of reinforced concrete Vierendeel sandwich plates (RCVSP) using beam-plate elements calculation model show a significant discrepancy with the actual results. Considering the structural characteristics of RCVSP and the calculation method of beam-elements, the assumption of the existence of nodal stiffness domain effects (NSDE) is proposed for its beam-plate elements calculation model. In order to verify this assumption, the existing experimental data of RCVSP is used to compare with the finite element analysis results of the beam-plate elements calculation model. The analysis results show that there is NSDE in the finite element analysis of RCVSP using beam-plate elements calculation model. The beam-elements calculation model FeaR1, which fully considers NSDE, can effectively restore the calculated stiffness lost. Compared with the solid-elements calculation model of RCVSP, the calculation model FeaR1 is more convenient for modeling, enhances computational efficiency, achieves the stiffness restoration rate of approximately 80%, and maintains the average error of no more than 16%.