Nonlinear Numerical Evaluation of Dry Precast Beam Column Connection with Embedded Bolts



Precast dry connected frame systems are faster to construct with less erection efforts. These frame systems are considered non-emulate frame systems. The lateral load behaviour of these connections needs to be evaluated to ensure the desired performance. The performance of these dry connections with embedded bolts proposed was studied by finite elemental analysis. The nonlinear FEM analysis results obtained by considering appropriate elements, and material definition parameters, including failure and interactions, were validated with the experimental results available in the literature. The rigidity of the joints was evaluated using the beamline method. The beamline plot unveils that the joints can be classified as rigid joints. The results reveal that the joints under study have satisfactory stiffness degradation, energy dissipation characteristics, and failure modes like monolithic connection. The numerical procedure developed provide an efficient solution for performance evaluation and seismic design of these precast joints.